Sai Brazil, a division of South American Imports, was created in 2007 as a designer and manufacturer of wholesale Brazilian jewelry and personal accessories.

South American Imports began as a small retail store in Central New York State in 1990. Quickly realizing that our products had an appeal far beyond our small community, we started wholesaling our products, which were purchased from artisans in Brazil.

Our wholesale operations quickly outpaced our retail origins, so in 1995, South American Imports abandoned retail altogether in order to concentrate exclusively on wholesaling and our role as a Brazilian jewelry designer and manufacturer.

In 2004, we decided that we needed more creative control over the design of the products we were importing into the United States. To this end, we switched from buying products from vendors, to in-house design and manufacture. Once we had complete control over which items to market, we found that there was a strong market for high-end, hand crafted unique jewelry and personal accessories. In 2007, South American Imports created a new division, Sai Brazil, to fill this need.

Sai Brazil's Jewelry Warehouse in New York

Recently relocated to an 8000 square foot New York warehouse, South American Imports still attends many trade shows throughout the year. Sai Brazil targets the more exclusive show venues across the United States and Europe.

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